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Small Batch Design Company, LLC

Hand Sanitizer Holder

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It took us a while to come up with a design that we liked, but we did it. This 2 oz holder is made from 100% cotton with a stainless or brass finish clip. Inside is expertly lined with a complimentary quality cotton fabric. Snap closure. Attach to your purse, handbag or belt loop.

We are unable to let you choose the fabric because we have a large stock and make these holders to order. However, if you specify in your order colors you like, we will choose for you. Just write something like "pink floral" or "blue abstract" or "anything but floral". Once you narrow the requirements for us, we would be happy to send you a photo of some fabrics from which to choose.

Hand sanitizer not included.


Fits a 2 oz sanitizer bottle as shown.


100% cotton holder with snap closure. and clasp.


100% cotton fabric, metal clasp and snap.


Hand wash and hang to dry.