• 70-90% Off! Last Craft Show of 2022 - Hotel Coolidge, White River Junction VT Sunday December 11

    My last show of 2022 is in my home town and it's a fundaiser sponsored by the Visiting Nurses Association of VT & NH. It's a wonderful and worthwhile cause and there is no door charge to you!

    This show is super special as it is the first time since I started my business in 2018, that I will be selling sample products and discontinued items for 50-90% off. Plus, word on the street is a guy in a red suit is going to be there! Please join us.

  • What's Your Style?

    Nothing says more about your personality than a handbag. Are you practical, playful, creative, fun, strong, or adventurious? Your bag talks!

    Just like you, our products are one-of-a-kind. Each item is created individually with unique and exciting color combinations to perfectly express your personality. It's wearable and it's art and you can be sure we've got something just for you.