• 2023 Artisan Fairs

    I've started signing up for artisan fairs for 2023 but I'm not quite ready to post the list.

    As I work on this I am reminded about all the fun I've had doing these shows. The laughs, the stories, and sharing ideas with customers.

    I'll be doing some of my favorite shows from last year plus I am looking forward to some new ones.

    I truly hope, with all the predictions about a looming recession, that customers and visitors will continue to support artisans. It is so very important to us, especially now.

  • What's Your Style?

    Nothing says more about your personality than a handbag. Are you practical, playful, creative, fun, strong, or adventurious? Your bag talks!

    Just like you, my products are one-of-a-kind. Each item is created individually with unique and exciting color combinations to perfectly express your personality. It's wearable and it's art and you can be sure I've got something just for you. If you don't see it, please just ask. I do custom work.

  • The Materials We Use

    It is so tempting (and a lot cheaper) to use inferior fabrics, fabrics blended with polys, or pleather, we are committed to 100% cotton. Cotton is fresh, strong, and ages beautifully. (Think favorite blue jeans.)

    Not only is cotton an ancient, plant-based fiber, it is sustainable and recyclable, which really matters to us. In our small way, we hopefully are making this world a better place.

    Biodegradable Fabrics to Invest In (in other words, how long it takes for a fabric to degrade in a landfill):

    Hemp & Linen: 2 weeks

    Cotton: 3-5 months

    Polyester: 200+ years