Wendy Windsor, Designer, Sewist, and Owner

I started sewing at around age eight or at least that was when my mom bought me my own little red and white metal sewing machine for Christmas. It was terrific and I sewed for myself and completed other people's half-finished projects. My mom was a skilled sewer as was my grandmother, so I think it may be in the blood. My keen interest in color goes back to at least grade eight when I gave a speech on the psychology of color!
After high school I went to Fanshawe College, School of Design in London, Canada. I remember on day sitting in the design studio and looking around at all the other students sitting at their drafting tables and making a point to remember that perfect moment. I loved this program and learned many important skills including drafting, designing, color, even small business. In the first year I was introduced to urban, landscape, graphic, industrial, interior and fashion design and somehow over the course of my career I managed to work in almost all these disciplines.
In 2019 i opened my business which has given me the opportunity to return to my love of textiles, design and sewing, which makes me feel grounded.  
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