Wendy Windsor, Designer, Sewist, and Owner

Like so many solopreneurs, I wear a lot of different hats, and in my case, I wear ALL the hats - designer, sewer, production manager, financial manager, marketing manager, purchasing agent, bookkeeper, shipper, and errand runner! With so many roles, it is agood thing I get along with myself!
Owning a small business is pretty challenging and fulfilling. After a solid career in corporate America (and Canada) and raising our two children, two dogs, and two cats with hubby Bob, it was time to get to work on my dream.
I knew from an early age that someday I wanted my own business. My first thought was a flower shop, like the one I used to visit with my mom. So many beautiful colors and smells! In grade eight I gave a speech on how different colors make you feel. Throughout my public school years, I grew lots of flowers, and spent a good deal of time sewing, painting and crafting, and knitting.
When it was time to go to college I chose to study design at Fanshawe College School of Design, in London, Canada. I majored in Urban Design and minored in Landscape Design, but I also studied graphic, industrial, interior and fashion design. Over the course of my career, I was able to work on projects in almost all these disciplines. Today I am focused on textile design, which was always closest to my heart.
The products I design and sew are one-of-a-kind handbags and home goods.  I am obsessed with cotton - cotton canvas, cotton batik and cotton ticking.  My product line can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and at juried craft shows and fairs throughout New England.
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Warm wishes,