Wendy Windsor, Designer, Sewist, Solopreneur

~ Since November 2019 ~

Welcome to Small Batch Design Company, located in the small village of Wilder, Vermont. 

At age eight my mom bought me my own little red and white metal sewing machine and I was immediately hooked. I sewed for myself and also completed other people's half-finished projects. My mom was a skilled sewer as was my grandmother, so I think it may be in the blood (although I have three sisters who don't sew - don't know what happened there).

After high school I attended Fanshawe College, School of Design in London, Canada. One snowy day I was sitting in the design studio and looking around at all my fellow students at their drafting tables and I said to myself, "Remember this moment; it's perfect". I had found my place. 

During my first year in design school I studied urban, landscape, graphic, industrial, interior and fashion design. I loved this program and learned so many important skills that have helped guide me throughout my career. Over the following decades I managed to work in almost all these disciplines - not intentionally, it just happened. The thing is, if you learn how to design something properly, the same process can be applied to just about anything.

2019 was a pivotal year for me because this is when I decided to start my own design business. Oddly enough I used to daydream about this when I was in my twenties but somehow it drifted into the background while I pursued a career in Marketing Communications and raised a great couple of kids with my husband. Today I have returned to my love of textiles, design and sewing to do the type of work that inspires me.

Starting this business has opened my world to a host of experienced and inspiring women and men, and they have made me a better person. I feel truly blessed.