Wendy Windsor, owner and designer

~ Since November 2019 ~

One day, early in 2019, I was daydreaming about what my perfect job might look like. Did it even exist? 

I knew the perfect job would have to combine all my favorite things - my love for sewing, my experience and education as a designer, my obsessive love for color (how many people give a speech on that in grade 8), and adoration of nature. 

That was one of those life-changing moments that would change the course of my life; there was no turning back. It was time to start my own business. 

But a question remained. Would other people share my love for color? Could color compete with all the black, brown and grey so popular in wardrobes? Would others share my love for plant-based sustainable fabrics, quality materials, and original design work? 

Well, here you are! I so appreciate you visiting with me. Stay a while and look around. and if I can help you with your purchase, or answer questions, please just ask.