Product Care Instructions


Small Batch masks are made of 100% cotton. We recommend hand washing using either bar soap or dish detergent. Hang to dry. Machine washing and drying will cost fibers to break down more quickly and the saturation of color will fade over time.

Canvas Bags and Baskets

Most of the canvas sold by Small Batch is hand-dyed. After the fabric is dyed it goes through a color setting process and several washings. Even so, it still may bleed.  To keep the color vibrant, we recommend the following cleaning process:

 Start with the least invasive approach first.

  • Do not wash dyed fabric with other garments.
  • Pull the lining away from the shell. Take a wet cloth or sponge and wipe the soiled area. If soiling is still visible, add a dab of gentle dish detergent or bar soap to the sponge and gently dab the fabric. Do not rub the fabric as this may cause discoloration.
  • Rise off soap.
  • Air dry the fabric or machine dry on gentle.