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Top 5 Designer Handbags 2022

One-of-a-kind artwear handbags are not only to express individual style, but offer great manageability to carry your essentials. Handmade pieces comprise a fine and expressive art for keeping one’s belonging, including keys, phones, money, etc. Your designer handbags are a bold and beautiful statement to carry your valuables in style. When considering bags in particular, present day fashion demands eco-friendly, sustainably made handbags, totes, pouches, and weekenders, whether they be for everyday use, summer travels or beyond. Featuring a long strap or handle, backpack or waist style, extra pockets, no pockets, handmade bags are designed to meet your needs in a beautiful and unique way. 

Small Batch Design Company- Home to the best handbags for 2022

From selecting the materials to sewing and including thoughtful features, the designer handbags here at the Small Batch Design Company prove artwear can be both practical and beautiful. Meticulously made from sustainable materials carefully culled from around the world, these designer handbags are known for their design, quality, versatility, and appeal. It is undoubtedly true that the elements of design and mastery, though displayed in every piece, suit both personal tastes and preferences. 

The Small Batch Design Company combines our love for quality sewing, designing experience, and obsession with bold color, poured emotions into thoughts stimulating ideas to create designer handbags for every choice! Choices that make Small Batch Design Company a go-to option for designer handbags today. Listed below are the top choices for handbags picked for making the season bright. 

1)Amanda Pouch

100% cotton, colorful, beautiful, hand dyed, hand-cut, and hand-sewn, the handcrafted product is a classic masterpiece. Their level of fascination and attractiveness easily surpass those carried by normal carry bags. Great for carrying your essentials, and high portable,Pouch expresses the real you. Joyous, playful, creative, funny, or adventurous, the bag, when accompanying you, tells a story or two about your personality quite beautifully. It’s the art we have created just for you!

2)Carol Crossbody

The handbag is designed with unique and exciting color combinations. One-of-a-kind artwear that stands out and expresses who you are. This very creative and artistic bag is sustainable and recyclable, which matters to us. Investing in biodegradable fabrics, you can now carry your essentials beautifully in an Earth-friendly way. With just the right number of pockets to keep your stuff well-organized,
the bag is a bold fashion statement representing art at its very best. 

3)Janet Crossbody

The look and feel of these pieces are apprehended as an in-demand choice and is very inspirational. It is a typical small handbag, the crossbody shoulder strap is comfortable and practical. This mini canvas shoulder bag is perfect when you need a bit of joie de vivre. Striking color combinations coupled with an effortless style and design, the bag has enough space to carry your essentials quite beautifully. The crossbody bag is a high-end product with amazing quality. 

4)Meredith Crossbody

Solid handmade, colorful, beautiful, hand dyed, hand-cut and hand-sewn, the across-the-body-bag canvas shoulder bag is designed to carry larger items, including mobile phones, tablets, paperbooks, etc. Pockets on the front and the back are allocated for easy access to the keys, pens, cell phones, and other items in daily applicability. The fabrics are all made of 100% cotton, an ancient plant-based fiber that is not just sustainable but recyclable. The accessory has a unique charm that makes it a must-have for designer handbag lovers. 

5)Elaine Traveler Bag

Nothing says more about who you are than this very handbag! The sumptuous texture of this fashionable handbag is awe-inspiring. The dyed cotton canvas exterior with black cotton striped ticking and a waterproof fabric bottom makes it a dream product for every fashionista - both men and women alike. Made at the hands of the artisan and not in a factory, the bag is a fine quality product with great detail and attention to the topstitching. Truly, the spacing and the linear pattern of the stitches make this piece a highly attractive one. 

Bring home sustainability with maximum usability

These classic handbag choices coming straight from the heart of the Small Batch Design Company carry the ethos of refined handcraft. Carrying a fine reputation of a one-of-a-kind artwear, these sumptuous canvas shoulder bag types have a beautifully hand-dyed cotton canvas exterior, with each item designed individually in unique color combinations to perfectly express how you are and will be your favorite for years to come! Shop for the best handmade bags and bring home the real aesthetics. 

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