Lightweight Fitted Washable Cotton Face Masks

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Making way for all the new fall fabrics as the summer fabrics are moved to the "Surprise Me!" stash.  They're still available - just ask.

Thanks to great feedback from customers, I feel like the sizing is spot on now.

Size Regular fits most adults. In the photos, the woman with the long hair, the man with the grey hair, and the young man with the brown hair are wearing this size.

Size L-XL is suitable for those with a larger face or one with more depth. By depth I mean features such as a "majestic" nose or high cheekbones that protrude. For example, the model with the cute pixie haircut chose XL because of those fabulous high and wide cheekbones and it fits her well.

Size Child is suitable for children ages 3.5 to 8 yrs. Our adorable little model is 3.5 years and it fits her with extra room inside. The nice thing about this mask design is the elastic - it wraps around the head and not the ears so it is less likely to get lost or fall off. There is no nose clip on the child mask.

About "Surprise Me!"

When I have less than 1/4 yard of a fabric, I add it to my "Surprise Me!" stash. I have lots of inventory in beautiful colors and patterns - lavenders, yellows, olive greens, blues and more!

If you do not see what you are looking for, just send me a quick note at and I'll check my stash. I can email you pics if you are not sure.

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