Sometime in 2022, I decided to actively donate products, money, and time to hopefully make this world a tiny bit better. I try to make a donation at least once a month. In recent months I've donated money to the Vermont Visiting Nurses VT/NH, I've made dozens and dozens of sandwiches for a local church to take to Boston to help feed hundreds of hungry people, I've donated my handmade products to organizations for fundraising, and since the last round of hurricanes, I've started giving blood regularly to the Red Cross. 

The thing about donation, is that it can be a bit addictive, especially when I give blood. Why? The Red Cross has an app that is so fun to use that it makes me WANT to give blood. It takes less than one hour to donate and they let me do it about every eight weeks or so. The app tracks everything, every step of the way, including when I make a donation, processing, storage, and when/where it is shipped to a patient for a transfusion. I have type B+ which is somewhat rare so it probably takes a little longer to find a recipient but when they do, they tell you the location of the patient. It is quite a thrill to know I have helped a random stranger. 

I hope during 2023 I'll find some more interesting ways to share my time and when I do, I'll be sure to let you know. This is how I'll keep myself accountable.:)