Customer Design Studio

Welcome to the design studio for customers. The designs you see here are customer requests and if you like something, you can order it in any of the fabrics and colors you see on this website. Don't see exactly the design you want? We can custom design. 

Send an email to and let us know what you are thinking about and we will let you know if it is possible.

  • If you want an existing design in your own choice of colors, I'll send you a photo to confirm the fabrics and once you approve, I'll send you an invoice. Your payment ensure the project is added to my work schedule and let you know when it will be ready.
  • If it is a new design, we'll mock it up, send you a photo of how it looks. We'll let you know how long it will take to produce, and if you accept, we'll send you an invoice. Your payment is our cue to to add your project to our work schedule. We'll tell long and let you know when I expect it to be ready.
  • For large orders (over $500) I can dye the fabric to match your favorite Pantone color. Is there a wedding or corporate event in your future?

So, let’s get started! Send your ideas to Every design idea and order is unique so the process may vary slightly but we'll always keep you in the loop.