Vermont Business Magazine - My first official advertisement!

Vermont Business Magazine - My first official advertisement!

One of the reasons I love going to craft shows is that is where my products practically sell themselves. Using ecommerce, Instagram and Facebook you can reach a larger audience but it is difficult to show customers how vivid the canvas colors are, how comfy it feels to the touch after being dyed and washed several times, or the quality of the sewing and bag construction.  

Most of the craft shows I planned to attend in 2020 were canceled, with the exception of the Woodstock Apple Fest, which is only about a 20-minute drive from my place. It was so great to interact with people again, even though everyone was wearing masks. People were very respectful of each other's space and maintained a safe distance. Plus, it was a dog-friendly event and it was hugely entertaining for the vendors to see so many breeds of dogs parading by.

Since opening my business Thanksgiving weekend 2019, I have now attended a grand total of two craft shows, so I decided to try something different. Print advertising! Yes, it still exists! I chose to advertise in the Vermont Business Magazine Holiday edition, which is both electronic and printed. 

Here's the electronic version of the holiday issue - I am on page 11! Have fun shopping and keep in mind that small businesses everywhere are counting on you.

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