The Problem with Quality Products in the US

The Problem with Quality Products in the US

Did you know that products made in Japan, such as cars, are never described by the Japanese with words like "quality" in their marketing? This is because quality is a given. They let their products speak for themselves.


It's different in the US. We feel the need to differentiate our products with words like "quality" because so many products are not. The US has developed a reputation for not caring about quality as much as price - the cheaper the better. Did you know that zippers made in China sell three grades of zippers and depending upon where you live, you get the quality your country expects. According to my zipper supplier the US receives the poorest quality because it costs less.  

I've been thinking about removing the descriptor "quality" from my product descriptions. When I sell at Artisan shows I don't use words like "quality" to describe them because customers can see that for themselves. Even my toughest critics - other experienced sewers - often comment on the beautiful quality and craftsmanship. They love the fact that I take the time to hand dye my fabrics and that I design my own patterns. 

Will you pay what it costs to make quality in the US?





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