Masks Now Mandated in Vermont: Where to Buy Locally

Masks Now Mandated in Vermont: Where to Buy Locally

It's official. Starting August 1, 2020 everyone in Vermont over the age of 2 yrs. needs to wear a mask and keep six feet apart. If you want to know the exact rules, check out Vermont State's Mask Mandate:

Facebook and Google are doing their best to block small businesses from selling masks, so it can be hard for local mask makers to get the word out, however Vermont State does provide a Face Covering Guide - how to make them and also where to buy them. Another source for local mask makers is a VSECU blog

Buying local is always a good thing - we've heard this for years. However, during COVID-19 this has become especially critical. Buying local masks reduces the numbers of unemployed and the numbers who collect Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. Who pays for those services - we'll you do of course. Wouldn't you rather get something for your money?

It takes just a few of your dollars to keep Vermont small businesses alive. While shopping for masks on new sites, check out other products they sell. Vermonters make some exquisite products!

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