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Market Bag (with video)

Imagine you live in the city and enjoy walking to all your favorite shops. You decide to pick up a few things at the fresh produce market, perhaps a bottle of your favorite wine from the boutique wine store, a loaf of fresh french bread from your favorite bakery, and some fresh flowers from the flower shop. Your market bag is so easy to carry and holds your purchases beautifully.

Now let's say instead you drive to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  This bag is going to work beautifully because it holds more than one plastic bag of groceries and you feel good knowing you are not adding plastic to the landfill.

Whether you are grocery shopping, going to the gym, or perhaps the beach this bag will be a perfect companion. With its European styling, heavy cotton canvas duck shell, pretty striped ticking lining (multiple color options), snap closure, and large inside pocket, you'll reach for this bag time and time again.

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