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How to Make a Protective Mask That Actually Fits (with video)

In an earlier blog, I posted a video by YouTuber Nicole Herrick that shows how to make a protective mask. Her mask is well-designed and she provides instructions and a downloadable pattern, although for me watching the video was all the instruction I needed.

Nicole lives in Australia and some of the materials and information she provides are not yet commonly accepted practice in the US. For example, she recommends using a "Sunbrella"-type indoor-outdoor fabric for the outside of the mask, which may be perfectly okay, but this has not been tested/recommended in the US, as far as I know. 

So, I decided to revamp Nicole's mask and create a video that shows my materials. This design offers: 
    • Fits close to the face with no gaps at the sides or near the chin. You know a mask fits properly when there is a good seal and the fabric moves in and out when you breathe.  
    • A built-in nose clip made from a pipe cleaner or other thin wire that you can mold to the shape of the nose.
    • Elastic that fits around the head and can be adjusted to fit.
    • 100% batik cotton fabric. This is a desirable fabric because of the fine, smooth weave that you can breathe through. 
    • Fits very well regardless of the shape of your face.
    • Hang around the neck when not in use.


    And here is Nicole's video with the free downloadable pattern:



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    Hi Allen,
    I am so sorry to take so long to respond. Shopify does not notify me when there is a post! In my experience, Nicole’s pattern seems to fit just about everyone, including hubby bob who wears an XXL hat. However, I have noticed that depending upon the face proportions it may not work. I recently made a mask (see the grey one in my mask collection) that is larger . All I did was add 1/4" around the edge of Nicole’s pattern. If you decide to try this, I would be curious to know if this adjustment to the pattern works for you. Wendy


    May I have a copy of your pattern? I’ve tried Nicole’s, but it doesn’t fit my face. Thanks


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