Five Good Reasons to Purchase These Masks

Five Good Reasons to Purchase These Masks

Those masks with the little dogs and cats or superheros are cute right, but do they actually do the job?

We've been making cotton masks since Match 2019 so we've had lots of practice. Our masks meet/exceed the CDC standards and this matters to us. Like all the products we sell, if we can't make the best, we simply do not make it. 

Our masks come in two different styles: a fitted mask and a hospital style mask and both have the key CDC features:

  • Adjustable straps, always ensuring a snug fit without gaps
  • Built-in nose piece that keeps it shape and hugs the nose perfectly
  • Multiple layers of breathable fabric
  • Washable and reusable
  • Both styles pass the light-blocking test.

If you're not sure what the light-blocking test is, check out our blog dated July 2020 called  "Fabric Mask Test" where we walk you through it. Does your mask meet all these requirements plus the added bonus of gorgeousness?

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